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What Is The MYB Kids Showcase?


Each June, MYB Kids puts on Showcases to display all of the hard work the dancers have put in during their classes.  
The MYB Kids Showcases will be held right here in the MMAC Theatre. Due to the number of kids we have participating, we will split them into several shows. The times of these shows will be announced at a later date.  
A costume will be ordered for each class. The cost of this costume is included in the Spring Semester tuition. Ballet, Hip Hop and Jazz classes will perform one dance in the showcase. Ballet/Tap and Ballet/Jazz combo classes will perform two dances, one in each genre studied. Dance with Me (2-3 year old) classes do not participate in Showcase.  
All children are expected to participate unless prior arrangements have been made in advance, at the start of the Spring Semester. Students should attempt to attend every class promptly in order to rehearse material for the Showcase.  In the case of absence, students should obtain the missed material, if any, from their teacher. More than three absences may result in a child’s inability to participate in the Showcase.  
Participating students are not permitted to miss class the week prior to and the week of the performances for rehearsal. Likewise, make up classes are not allowed during the two weeks prior to Showcase.
One final rehearsal date may be scheduled before the Showcase. Rehearsal day and time will also be announced via email.  
Showcase tickets go on sale approximately one month before the show. You must purchase tickets in order to enter the theatre. Each family will be able to purchase tickets online. Email, phone and in-person requests for tickets will not be honored.  In order to remain fair we limit the number of tickets that each family can purchase. On Friday before showcase, any tickets that have not been purchased will then be put up for general sale. This will be your opportunity to purchase any additional tickets that you may need.  

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